Michael Conway

Research if there are any organisations working with refugees in your community. Post a reflective piece (150 words minimum) on the forum as a reply to this post, on how your school and students could take action to support refugees or welcome them to the community

Waterford Integration Services is a humanitarian Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Ukrainian Refugee Community Response and the Déise Refugee Response are just three organisations working in the local community. Many individuals are also making free provisions for refugees, for example, teaching surfing and swimming, teaching languages- not just English but French and German etc.

Many groups have also collected and donated toys, clothing and food.

Creating an inclusive environment is equally important. Along with these appeals and initiatives, children could also play their part. Examples of this are setting up leagues where children can engage in sports and develop teamwork, arts and crafts evening where children can explore their talents and build friendships and also a social group where children can come together with shared interests and build friendships and connections.

A lovely idea in the school is creating a fair- individuals can bring their own dishes/crafts to showcase diversity and enable others to learn and deepen their understanding of cultures (allergies will need to be taken into consideration and other dietary requirements)

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