Michael Conway

<span style=”color: #163c42; font-family: ‘Hind Madurai’, sans-serif; font-size: 12px;”>Choose a topic related to the Sustainable Development Goals and consider how children might be affected by it at both local and global levels. Post your response (150 words min.)</span>

Zero hunger is a SDG goal that connects with many people- it is something that is widely discussed in society and is often a concern that individuals donate to, to try and make a positive impact in other parts of the world. It is a real issue in our own country which is not often discussed. (or is not as highlighted in the minds of children)

Teaching children to create their own school garden- showing them how to grow their own fruit and vegetables, how to care for them in environemntally friendly ways. Demonstrating that plants can be grown in very small spaces- window boxes, plant ‘walls’ and transferring this to allottments and gardens at home is important to show children that education can help individuals provide for themselves.

Having gardeners come in and explain plants, plant seeds and how to care for plants and educating children and other stakeholders in the community would be great. I know close to our school are people who forage for edible plants and cook them into nutritious meals. (Discussing the dangers of choosing plants that are not good for us)

Inviting a cook/chef into teach children how to cook and bake- make balanced meals and talk about the important of fueling our bodies is important also. Being able to source/grow, prepare and cook meals is an important life skill. It can be adjusted to the age of the learner.

The children could also explore fair-trade and note how we can help by choosing to purchase from ethically sourced suppliers or co-ops which benefits individuals in other parts of the world. Recognising that inequalities exist locally as well as globally, hunger and food shortages are an issue for many.

On the other side of this issue is food wastage- how we can be more mindful of purchases, use what we have and compost items that are no longer needed by us but can enrich the soil.

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