Sarah Muldowney

In the article. ‘The Role of Global Citizens in Today’s World’, we are presented with information on the importance of working as global citizens in today’s society. It highlights the importance of encouraging people to embrance their role as a global citizen and to work to educate yourself on global issues that can be seen on the news or online.

As an educator, I feel that in 2023, Development Education is a very important topic that children should have access to. It is important to encourange children to recognise that they possess a responsibility toward global issues and that they can contribute to sustainable development. In this paper, we can see that it is highlighted that as global citizens, we possess the awareness and critical thinking skills needed to address issues such as inequality.

In my classroom, I would address development education and the concept of being a global citizen through geography and history lessons mainly, but through discussions and project work I feel that the children I teach would really enjoy learning about this. I would encourange colleagues to get involved by planning with other year groups and by showcasing any work my class have done in order to give colleagues an insight into what we are learning.

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