Saoirse Rooney


I work in a single sex school. Gender plays a very big part in the school and all the interactions between students and adults. It is imperative in this day that we teach the boys in my school about the concept of gender. Gender plays a huge role in the classroom and particular in interactions between boys in the yard. Some boys need to be taught that it is ok to express their emotions. Often boys are taught not to cry and they need to know that it for them to be upset and articulate it.

<span style=”white-space: normal;”> The lessons plans mentioned in this module fit in well with the Stay Safe Programme and some of the topics mentioned in RSE. I particularly liked the idea of discussing different jobs that are gender based. Open discussions break down conceptions.</span>

<span style=”white-space: normal;”> It is imperative that we teach boys about gender equality in Ireland and abroad. We have a responsibility as educators to promote the holistic education of the boys we teach. It is important that they recognise that there is a particular imbalance for girls in certain countries.  </span>

Emma  Watson’s You Tube clip is excellent.


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