Niamh Hanlon

The impact of climate change in my area is mainly more severe weather events such as snow and storms which have led to a number of school closures in recent years. It would be interesting to explore these weather events in more detail with the children as case studies and to research similar events in history. This could be a nice thematic project incorporating SESE, data in maths, art, musical sound scapes etc.

Primary school children can play a significant role in taking action against climate change including the following ways:

1. Raising awareness: Students could raise awareness about climate change in their community by arranging assemblies/ project showcases etc. to educate their peers, teachers and parents about the causes of climate change and actions that we can take. This in turn could inspire others and encourage more sustainable practices.

2. Promoting sustainable practices: Children can lead by example and promote sustainable practices such as recycling, turning off lights and water conservation. Initiatives like ‘bike to work’ or ‘plastic free lunch boxes’ could encourages small changes on a school wide scale.

3. Advocating for change: It is so important that students find their voice when it comes to important issues as well as awareness of policies. Students could write letters to principals/ council representatives/ government etc. to express views and ideas on climate action.

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