Reply To: Module 4 – Migration and Refugees

Niamh Brady

Here are some actions that our school and students could take to support refugees and welcome them to the community:

  • Raise awareness: We could organise awareness campaigns or events to educate students about the refugee crisis, the challenges faced by refugees, and the importance of welcoming them. This can include guest speakers, film screenings, or presentations from organisations working with refugees.
  • Create a welcoming environment: Our school can foster a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere by promoting diversity and cultural understanding. This can be achieved by celebrating different cultures and traditions, organising multicultural events, or establishing student clubs or organisations focused on refugee support.
  • Language support: Students can volunteer as language tutors or conversation partners to support refugees who have joined the school.
  • School orientation programs: Develop specialised orientation programs for newly arrived refugee students to help them navigate the school system, understand academic expectations, and access necessary resources.
  • Collaborate with community organisations and local authorities: We could partner with local refugee support groups such as Naas Community Sponsorship Group, GOAL, The Irish Red Cross and Kildare County Council. They can provide valuable resources, expertise, and support for both our school and the refugees.
  • Fundraising and donation drives: The school can hold fundraising events or donation drives within the school community to collect essential items like clothing, school supplies, or personal hygiene products for refugees.
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