Susan McMahon

In our school, we have been noticing the effects of climate change, mainly through the different weather patterns we have been seeing. There have been strong winds and heavy rain storms, as well as an extremely hot June. It is important to discuss the effects of climate change with the children during these weather events. They made their own rain gauges, and compared data recorded from previous years.

The children are also involved in reducing their carbon footprint by switching off the lights when they leave a room and making sure the whiteboard and laptops are not left on standby. We also encouraged a walk to school week, and we try to avoid as much plastic waste as possible, i.e. with reusable water bottles.

Finally, we could try (again!) to cut down on the amount of photocopies that we use. Last year we changed from a printed newsletter to an electronic version, and I would like to see more electronic methods of communication being used.

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