Patrick Curran

I found “The Role of Global Citizens in Today’s World” to be a very interesting, thought provoking read. In it, Ehigie discusses not only the importance of educating young people about topics of global inequality, but also emphasises how crucial it is to instill a sense of global self and unity within them also. Young children in particular can feel very detached from many of the issues discussed within the article and it can be difficult for them to comprehend the links that they have with people in other countries and places that seem so far away. As teachers, it is important that we create an atmosphere of inclusion and togetherness, and show the children that although our customs, traditions and lifestyles may be different, we are all humans who should all experience the same treatment and be afforded the same rights.

I’m looking forward to getting some ideas from this course for the ways in which I can integrate themes of Development Education into my classroom and share these ideas with my colleagues. The demographic of my school has changed hugely in recent years and I have always been very conscious to educate myself as much as possible about the backgrounds and experiences of my new students. However, I feel that this course will provide an even greater opportunity to explore such topics.

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