Eimear Boyce

I would focus on Goal 4: Quality Education. The sustainable development goal of quality education has a profound impact on children both locally and globally. In Ireland, children may face barriers to accessing quality education due to socioeconomic factors, learning disabilities, or limited resources. Globally, millions of children endure similar challenges, including lack of infrastructure, gender inequality, and conflict-induced disruptions to education.

In school we can:

1. Foster awareness: Educate students about the importance of quality education for personal growth, social development, and building sustainable societies.

2. Promote inclusivity: Create an inclusive classroom environment that values diversity and ensures equal opportunities for all students. Encourage empathy, respect, and understanding among students to promote a culture of inclusivity and combat discrimination.

3. Collaborate with local communities: Partner with local organisations, schools, and community centres to support initiatives that enhance educational access and quality. Involve students in volunteer activities, such as tutoring or mentoring programs, to provide assistance to children facing educational challenges.

4. Advocate for policy changes: Teach students about their rights to education and encourage them to voice their opinions on policies affecting education. Engage students in writing letters or petitions to local authorities, advocating for improvements in educational resources and infrastructure.

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