Saoirse Rooney

I teach in a very middle class school in South Dublin. It is imperative to the development of global citizens that all children of Ireland are taught about Global Citizenship. We live in a global interconnecting world where nearly every country globally is accessible to these future adults. Many of my students are very privileged in a global sense and it is most important that they recognise and realise this so they can be advocates of a fairer world for all children.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Role of Global Citizen’s in Today World. It encapsulates a very common experience of many Irish people today. ‘To be a global citizen, is to care.  It is to empathise. ‘ I am left with these words. I think of all the great teachers I had in secondary school that instilled this ethos in their Geography and History lessons. It is one of the greatest obligations that we can give children today.

I look forward to using some of the workshops and games in my class next year.


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