Aoife Coen

Climate change is not having a very obvious impact on my local area except for what I would call more severe winters, a lot more treacherous mornings driving through the hills of Donegal with frost, ice and snow. I don’t remember it as bad when I was a child. I could investigate this with the children more by taking and recording temperatures and conditions over a three year period to see if there is a decline or improvement or any pattern at all.

The Green Flag initiative is fantastic way for the entire school community to be more aware of our environment and the way we cations affect it.

Three ways I feel we could reduce climate change include:

  1. Not requesting children to purchase new twistables each year. Not sure about others but my house is coming down with twistables with new packs bought each year despite probably only needing a small few specific colours to be replaced. The amount of plastic waste in those alone!
  2. Reduce our carbon footprint by encouraging walk to school on cycle on Thursdays more than twice a week.
  3. Look at buying products that don’t use unnecessary packaging.


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