Sean Finlay

Like many of the comments above, climate change is already impacting my local area in a variety of ways over the last number of years. I am fortunate to live inland so I have not been affected by coastal or river flooding but effects such as water shortages during the Summer for households and businesses, water quality warnings, and more intense storms and rainfall have certainly affected certain groups such as farmers in my local area.

I think many of the forum posts are brilliant ideas to encourage pupils to explore the issue of climate change further and I believe having frank and open conversations about climate change is very important without inducing eco-anxiety. I think this can be achieved by looking at news reports of climate change locally and nationally, investigating changes in local habitats and ecosystems, and completing a river walk to learn about flooding.

Three actions that our class could do to make the world a better place and slow down climate change include:

1. Use alternative modes of transport to get to school and preferably more environmentally-friendly methods such as walking, cycling, and buses. If not possible, children and parents should look to car-pool where feasible to reduce the amount of cars on the road, reduce traffic congestion, and lower harmful carbon emissions.

2. Children should be more aware of energy consumption and waste. Simple steps such as turning off the lights after them, not leaving the sink on for longer than necessary, and reducing food waste can have really positive effects.

3. Finally, through collaboration with the Green Schools Committee, the class and school can engage in actions to improve the local environment such as litter-picking, planting fruit, vegetables, and trees, and growing plants.

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