Sean Finlay

Fáilte Isteach – Laois Volunteer Centre is an organisation set up to utilise the talents and goodwill of community volunteers by providing conversational English classes for new migrants. I had not heard of this project before researching for this reflection, but it is part of the national Fáilte Isteach program which was established in 2006 to support new migrants with tasks that could pose difficulties such as shopping, doctor appointments, and schools. Classes are taught by voluntary tutors and take place weekly with around 35-40 students already participating in the project according to the website after only setting up in 2021. They have also engaged with other local and state bodies such as the Laois-Offaly ETB to expand participants’ knowledge of English to allow them to participate more in their community and they have additionally organised events such as Africa Day to celebrate the vibrant and varied cultures that migrants bring to the local community.

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