Padraic Waldron

It is important for students to understand how climate change is affecting their local area. Firstly, having open discussions about climate change and its effects on our local area would help raise awareness. We could dig into weather data, check out local reports, and share real stories to see how it’s affecting us here in Dublin. This will help make children realize that we need to do something about it.

To really get them engaged, they could go on trips around our area to witness climate impacts firsthand, like coastal erosion or changes in local ecosystems. It’ll help them connect the dots between what’s happening globally and right here in our own area.

In the classroom, I could assign research projects on climate-related topics specific to Dublin. They could then present their findings in presentations or digital media, so they could educate others and spread the word.

Having gained a knowledge about climate change, three things the school community could do to help combat it are:

1. Reduce our carbon footprint

2. Share knowledge and speak out for change

3. Plant trees in our local community to help make it a greener area.

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