Conor Beirne

I discovered that there are several organizations in Knocklyon, Dublin working with refugees. One such organization is the Knocklyon Refugee Support Group (KRSG), which aims to provide assistance and support to refugees settling in the community. Reflecting on this, I believe that our school and students can take action to support refugees and create a welcoming environment. Firstly, we can organize awareness campaigns to educate students about the challenges faced by refugees, fostering empathy and understanding. Secondly, we can collaborate with KRSG and other local organizations to establish mentorship programs, language exchanges, and cultural events that facilitate integration and friendship-building. Additionally, fundraising initiatives can be organized to provide resources and support to refugee families in need. By actively engaging with the local refugee community, our school can promote inclusivity, empathy, and a sense of belonging among both students and refugees, ultimately fostering a more compassionate and welcoming community for all

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