Conor Beirne

<span style=”color: #374151; font-family: Söhne, ui-sans-serif, system-ui, -apple-system, Segoe UI, Roboto, Ubuntu, Cantarell, Noto Sans, sans-serif, Helvetica Neue, Arial, Apple Color Emoji, Segoe UI Emoji, Segoe UI Symbol, Noto Color Emoji;”><span style=”white-space-collapse: preserve;”>Interested with your dedication to addressing SDG 12, Responsible Consumption and Production, in your urban school Sean.The awareness you have fostered among students about the impact of food waste and practical solutions like composting is inspiring. The success of Green Schools in reducing water usage further demonstrates your commitment to sustainability. By educating children about the broader aspects of responsible consumption, such as fast fashion’s environmental damage and exploitation, you empower them to make informed choices. Your efforts at an individual and local level are instrumental in empowering students to contribute towards achieving the SDG Goal. Well done!</span></span>

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