Reply To: Module 1 – Introduction to Development Education

Eimear Boyce

<p class=”MsoNormal”>From reading the article ‘The Role of Global Citizens in Today’s World’ the importance of developmental education is highlighted. Developmental education is crucial in shaping global citizens who can make a positive impact on our world. It helps us understand and address global challenges. As teachers, it is my belief that we have a duty to teach about global education to inspire and prepare students for the future. Knowledge is power.</p>
<p class=”MsoNormal”>By incorporating developmental education in our teachings, we can help students develop critical skills like thinking, empathy, and understanding different cultures. These skills are essential in today’s interconnected world, where we face problems that effect everyone. I would use discussions, projects, and real-world examples to help students become aware of the world’s challenges and inspire them to take action. The article so aptly outlines that every contribution made helps, no matter how big or small- ‘trying to be the change we see in the world is both accessible and powerful’. I would try to promote this in a school wide sense by collaborating with staff and frequently sharing resources and information on global education. If all teachers implemented changes into their classrooms and schools, we would make great strides in terms of enabling all to become active global citizens.</p>

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