Reply To: Module 2 – Gender

Aoife Coen

Gender stereotypes exist from such a young age and as educators we must actively try to counteract this. as explained in content, it goes with toys, clothes, expectations. I know a few years ago I had a debate with a male friend of mine who refused to allowed his son to play with a baby doll in our house whilst on a visit. This really shocked me that that attitude still existed amongst my generation, someone from an educated working class background.

In school I like to use baking quite a bit as a treat/reward. This has really helped me target gender stereotypes as all children love to bake and  don’t want to be excluded. I use it as a way to teach a life skill and give equal opportunities to all children. I think it is so important that we educate the children not to have expectations re gender. It all comes down to value and respect which should be echoed through our school ethos.

I though the Human Rights from the UN  resource very good and I will be using this with my children going forward.

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