Reply To: Module 3 – Global Inequality

Ailbhe Harding

I have chosen goal 13, “Take Urgent Action to Combat Climate Change and its Impacts”.

Climate change is of course a very relevant topic in today’s world, and is certainly a term that most children are familiar with (or in the senior end, at least). I have found that it is important to approach the topic of climate change gently with the children, as it is something that could easily cause alarm or upset. As referenced in the article from Module 1, we need to be mindful of not allowing them to feel defeated by the scale of the problems but, instead, to start small and identify ways that we can make achievable, positive changes at a local and personal level.

Some activities could include identifying ways that we use/waste energy at home and in school. An energy monitor could be appointed in the classroom to ensure that the lights are turned off/on appropriated, the interactive board is turned off when not in use, the windows are not open when the heat is on high etc. The children could also make posters and informational leaflets for the school, outlining ways to save and conserve energy. These could also be added to the school website or sent out in the e-newsletter.

In the past, our Green Schools Committee have also worked as whole-school energy monitors, and have conducted spot checks in the classrooms to ensure that energy was being used sensibly. This was a great added incentive for everyone (teachers included!) as it really made us more conscious of how we were using electricity throughout the day.

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