Reply To: Module 4 – Migration and Refugees

Darerca Egan

I was slightly perplexed to find few organisations in my area despite being on the outskirts of the capital.  Anecdotally, I had been aware of The Red Cross and Cross Care serving as umbrella organisations for refugees in Leinster.  Libraries in Fingal have opened their doors, offering language classes for refugees and more recently an art exhibition ‘Viewpoints’ with the purpose of promoting inclusion within the community has been taking place.   The library is a lovely calm environment in which to welcome and support refugees.

We are very proud of the many ethnicities within our classes who bring diversity and warmth to the fabric of the school.  However,  with the school’s focus directed squarely on a longstanding oversea’s partnership with an NGO in Cambodia, it is a perfectly legitimate question to ask ‘are we doing enough in our local community to welcome refugees?’ We have sporadically gathered up books and clothes for collection.  We are guided by the Learn Together Calendar of global events taking place but I definitely think that there are lessons that could be explored which better reflect changes in our locality. I truly regret that we missed the opportunity of bringing the children to see the Viewpoints exhibition.  It would have served as a springboard some enlightening lessons and discussions.

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