Reply To: Module 2 – Gender

Niamh Hanlon

My school recently participated in an Erasmus project in STEM in which one topic explored was women in STEAM. As part of this we gathered all the girls from each 6th class together and looked at some of the influential women that have contributed to areas in STEM. We had a pretty frank discussion gathering thoughts and opinions on why girls tend to opt out of STEM. They said things like “they might get made fun of for doing those subjects”, “people think men can do a better job” or “girls don’t get as many chances”. When we questioned them further it was shocking to find that there are so many factors contributing to why they had this mindset. The main one being that the majority of the girls from my school will go on to an all girls secondary school and the boys to an all boys school. The choice subjects on offer to the girls were limited to home-ec, art and music while the boys had much broader choices including applied technology, wood technology and graphics. A clear indicator that our education system has a way to go in providing equality of opportunity.

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