Reply To: Module 4 – Migration and Refugees

Mikey Flanagan

Through my research, I have come across the organization “Doras” based in Dublin, which is dedicated to supporting and advocating for refugees and migrants in our community. Doras works tirelessly to provide essential services, including accommodation support, legal advice, and education programs for refugees. Reflecting on how our school and students could take action, I believe there are meaningful ways to support refugees and help them integrate into our community. We could establish a partnership with Doras to explore opportunities for student volunteering. This could involve assisting with language classes, organizing cultural exchange events, or providing mentoring support to refugee students. We could organize awareness campaigns within the school to educate students about the experiences and challenges faced by refugees. This could include presentations, workshops, or exhibitions that highlight personal stories and promote empathy and understanding. We could work together with Doras and other local organizations to create a welcoming environment for refugees. This could involve organizing community events, such as welcome gatherings or social activities, where refugees and local residents can connect, build friendships, and share experiences. By collaborating with organizations like Doras, our school can play an active role in supporting refugees in Dublin, fostering inclusivity, and promoting a sense of belonging for all members of our community.

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