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Darerca Egan

I was particularly drawn to the video relating to Cambodia in this module.  So our focus would be on Goal No 4 ensuring inclusive and quality education and promotion of lifelong learning opportunities for all.  A number of years ago a partnership was established between our school and an Education and Youth Leadership NGO in Cambodia.    The purpose of the partnership is to support young people near Siam Reap through an array of projects.  This is achieved through a summer teaching and teacher exchange programme.  A calendar of events is devised annually when our school hosts a number of visiting staff and trainee teachers.  All students in our school learn about Pepy (the organisation) through assemblies and in class – art, SPHE, Geography etc.  To ensure that all classes relate to our visitors, topics are adapted to be age appropriate.  In Second class this year we considered the manner how and the distance the Cambodian students had to travel on a daily basis in order to access their education in comparison to students in our locality.

The visit culminates with a fun run in which the whole school runs a ‘notional’ section of the journey from Dublin to Siam Reap, bearing the flags of the different countries traversed. This in itself is very powerful and positive as we celebrate the many nationalities represented in our school.

A visit by Irish teachers is then reciprocated in the summer to Cambodia.  It is a sharing of best practices from both countries. Some years there is fundraising involved but the purpose is to raise awareness of the programme. It has enabled our school build strong ties to Cambodia, forging lifelong learning opportunities between the two organisations in line with SDG 4.

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