Reply To: Module 3 – Global Inequality

Mikey Flanagan

To inspire my students to support the SDGs related to quality education in Ireland, I would adopt a comprehensive approach. I would raise awareness about the importance of quality education for personal growth and societal development. Through discussions and interactive activities, students would explore the impact of education on poverty reduction, gender equality, and overall well-being. I would encourage students to take local-level actions within their school and community. This could involve organizing educational campaigns, advocating for inclusive practices, or initiating projects that address educational disparities. By empowering students to identify and address specific educational challenges, they would develop a sense of agency and make a tangible impact. I would facilitate collaborations with local educational organizations, NGOs, and experts. Guest speakers, workshops, and field trips would provide students with insights into innovative educational practices and inspire them to think critically about the future of education. I would encourage students to become advocates for quality education by leveraging digital platforms. They would have the opportunity to create awareness campaigns, share educational resources, or participate in online discussions to engage a wider audience and amplify their voices. Through education, local-level actions, collaborations, and advocacy, my aim would be to empower my students to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs related to quality education in Ireland.

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