Reply To: Module 2 – Gender

Conor Beirne

Gender stereotypes can have a huge impact on students at a young age. It can influence the thoughts and in turn ambitions of young children. An example of gender stereotyping I have seen in 4th class was in one of the first PE lessons of the year. A boy asked me during a game, “do girls get double points for a score”. I questioned this notion and it led to a number of boys expressing their views that boys were naturally better at sport. After some questioning, I found that giving girls extra points for scores was a common theme in summer camps and other PE lessons. This could easily impact girls’ confidence and ambitions in sport. Open discussions are one way to combat gender stereotypes. When we engage students in conversations about gender roles and stereotypes, we empower them to recognize that societal expectations should not restrict their potential. Broadening their horizons, we can introduce diverse role models and narratives that defy traditional gender norms.



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