Reply To: Module 1 – Introduction to Development Education

Padraic Waldron

The paper by Ehigie (2021) emphasizes the importance of development education in fostering global citizenship. As an educator, I see the value in equipping students with knowledge, skills, and perspectives to engage with global issues and become agents of change.

In my teaching, I would integrate global perspectives across subjects, fostering open discussions, critical thinking, and empathy. Through case studies, current events, and interactive activities, I aim to inspire students to analyze and reflect on global challenges.

To encourage colleagues to plan development education activities, I would share my experiences through workshops and professional development sessions. I would emphasize integrating global perspectives into the curriculum and offer support in designing engaging activities. Collaborating on cross-curricular projects, we can collectively inspire students to become active global citizens.The paper reinforces my commitment to promoting development education. By nurturing global citizenship skills, I empower students to understand and address global challenges in an interconnected world.

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