Reply To: Module 5 – Climate Change


In my area it is clear that climate change has had a severe impact on the environment as problems regarding flooding and rising seas levels affect our city and its suburbs. Our pupils have witnessed how this has impacted business and the wider economy. It is a topic often touched on throughout the primary curriculum, rising temperatures but I believe it should be more action driven and children need to be encouraged to explore their capabilities as young people growing up in a world experiencing both flooding severe drought, in tackling this issue.

In order to slow down climate change schools could re-evaluate its energy use by mobilising their Green Flag teams to monitor light usage, technology in sleep mode and heat wastage. Recycling also need to be taken more seriously, particularly the aspect of re-usage which is often undervalued in schools. A third action which could be implemented is asking pupils to carry their lunch rubbish home with them to ensure it is properly composted  and also have them bring in their own handtowels to element the use of electricity driven hand driers or paper towel usage.

I would endeavour to use the lessons with the aim of highlighting the devastating effects of climate change across the world and also within our own locality, with a focus on its impacts on the local economy. This would make the issue more relatable to the kids and encourage a sense of stewardship as we try to remedy the errors of the past and protect the world’s future.


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