Reply To: Module 4 – Migration and Refugees


In my school’s locality there is an organisation called the Carrig Centre which at the moment is currently zoning in on helping refugees coming from Ukraine. It aims to collect items that may help kids and their families settle in to the area and rebuild their lives. It also has a playground with allocated time slots, which these families can book in order to connect with other Ukranian families. I believe it would be important to inform the pupils in my class that such an organisation exists and how the identity of these kids may have been impacted as they have been uprooted from their home. They need to be encouraged to help in collecting items needed in order to enable these displaced Ukranian families integrate successfully in the community and to avoid marginalisation. This word is constantly being used in the school environment already in an attempt to promote inclusion among the pupils so it should be easy to understand as it relates to refugees trying to settle in to a new home.

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