Reply To: Module 5 – Climate Change

Marese Heavin

Climate change does not specifically affect my local area in the way other participants may experience. For me climate change is only evident in our weather and seasons. Again, because I live in a small rural area, we do not have the same opportunities for climate change as other areas do. In saying that, my class would do well to cover the topics in the 5 lessons as outlined in this module. This would make for wonderful learning for them. To learn of the causes and impacts of climate change, to learn about renewable and non renewable energy would provide them with the knowledge going forward into the world of Secondary school and beyond. The opportunities for linkage and integration are varied and therefore demonstrate to the children that climate change is in every part of the world and we should be conscious of it in our daily lives. The case studies are excellent and would bring climate change to real life situations and enable the children to hear and see what children in other parts of the world have to live with. Learning about the energy we use daily I feel will surprise the children. Like water usage in an earlier module, I feel the children will get quite a shock.

Three actions that I and indeed my pupils could do to make the world a better place:

1- recycle properly

2- walk or cycle to school rather than taking the car

3- Turn off lights and power eg the interactive white board, when not in use.



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