Reply To: Module 3 – Global Inequality


I think I would zone in on Goal 3 ‘Good Health and Well Being’ as I believe to be an extremely relevant aspect of young people’s lives in today’s world, in both physical and mental health. It is no surprise that obesity amongst our children is becoming a very serious issue in our primary schools and even though many programmes have been implemented by the government, the problem is still present. This goal also mentions well being and this is quite topical even nowadays among our older primary school children. I believe this particular goal to be very relevant as our young people need to be made aware, need to be educated and informed and need to realise that they along with their parents possess a lot of power to counteract issues pertaining to this goal at a local level. As teachers we can enable them to support this goal through simple actions revolving healthy eating policies and promoting active lifestyles – although our main obstacle will be to motivate kids who do not enjoy sports, however, as their teachers we must enable them to access other activities outside of the typical sports to keep them healthy both physically and mentally.

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