Reply To: Module 4 – Migration and Refugees

Marese Heavin

I live in a small rural town and we don’t as yet have organisations established specifically to work with refugees. However, there are two local groups that do wonderful work in the community:

1-The Blayney Blades-which is a womens group, they run lots of activities for women including educational courses and lesiure courses. This group have helped with the arrival of refugees to our town on a very small scale, but wonderful work is done.

2-The St Vincent De Paul society also do wonderful work in our community, along with the Blades, they welcome and support refugees when they come to our town, however we do not receive many refugees to our town as of yet.

Our school could work with the above two groups by firstly contacting them to say we would like to help out should the opportunity arise for refugees to come to our town and also by welcoming them to our school and our community.

Ensuring they feel safe and welcome from a school point of view would be a great place for us to start and hopefully put the refugees at ease.

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