Reply To: Module 1 – Introduction to Development Education

Ailbhe Harding

I teach in a very large, culturally diverse, urban school in Dublin. While the themes of Development Education are extremely important regardless of school context, I feel that they are particularly relevant to the children that I teach. Many of their parents, wider family members (or indeed the children themselves) have first hand experience of some of the injustices and inequalities referenced in the above article, and it is crucial for me as their teacher to be fully informed and aware of their experiences.

I found that the author of “The Role of Global Citizen’s in Today’s World” did an excellent job of breaking down an incredibly complex topic into accessible, manageable chunks. What I found most interesting, was the way in which they promoted the concept of starting small. Do not encourage students to feel overwhelmed or defeated by the global scale of many of today’s issues, but rather enable them to recognise the importance of their own contributions at a local level.

I look forward to encouraging my students to recognise themselves as global citizens and enabling them to recognise the close links and similarities that they have with other countries and cultures. I look forward to gathering a bank of resources and ideas that I can use in my classroom and share with my colleagues and educating myself on how best to encourage change among my students.



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