Reply To: Module 3 – Global Inequality

Susan McMahon

The Sustainable Development Goal that I have chosen in Goal 15: Life on Land. The term ‘biodiversity’ is becoming more and more commonplace, and children at all class levels are learning about the diversity of nature, of our habitats and species such as plants and animals (including us!) and their interconnections with each other. It’s important for children to appreciate that we are a part of nature and everything in nature is connected. Within our school we have a section for wildflowers, where the children learn that insects do the vital task of pollinating flowers, many of which go on to create the food we eat. We also learn that worms and other minibeasts are like secret farmers, underneath the ground, breaking down old wood and leaves into fresh, fertile soil. Bringing the children’s awareness to things like these, helps promote appreciation for biodiversity, and halt biodiversity loss as specified in the Sustainable Development Goal.

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