Reply To: Module 3 – Global Inequality

Marese Heavin

The Sustainable Development Goal that I will chose is number 6, Clean water and Sanitation. I believe the pupils in my class are very privileged and therefore do not realise that children in parts of the world don’t have taps, sinks and showers or baths. I feel some pupils may be quite shocked by this. I would educate my pupils through various lessons on water and sanitation and its useage across the globe. We could then as a class draw up a plan to reduce water wastage in our school. This plan would also be encouraged at home. Therefore the pupils would be educating their families while at the same time learning themselves.

We could use our plan to also aim for the Green Flag which as yet we do not have in our school. In striving to achieve this, our class will learn the interdependency that exists between people and planet. Using number 6 on the ESD, our class and their families will be enabled to understand the world around them and useage of water in a better way for our world.

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