Reply To: Module 2 – Gender

Susan McMahon

This was a really interesting module. I’ve noticed gender stereotypes, from Junior Infants through to Sixth Class. In the infants classroom, I’ve overheard girls telling boys that they cannot play with the dolls in the dolls house, that only girls should play there. In Sixth Class I’ve heard boys scoff at the notion of a girl joining them playing football at break time. This module has inspired me with a few different ways I could approach combatting these stereotypes. I really liked the video explaining the differences between sex and gender (CBC Kids News). I wonder what class level that would be most suitable for? I think it is very informative and would lead to some interesting discussions. I also think using Development Education’s publication 10 Myths About Women’s Rights as part of persuasive writing in English would be a great stepping stool for further debate and discussion.

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