Reply To: Module 2 – Gender

Darerca Egan

I work in an Educate Together School where gender equality forms a key component of our ethos.  Being co-educational and child-centred the focus is on celebrating the child irrespective of their gender.  However, because of a push to encourage girls into STEM in the last few years, I have consciously and actively invested in toys for my class which promote these skills – Jumbo Jenga, Giant Polydrons and Lego.  They have proven a huge success and are the most played with items in the cupboards.  However, I still firmly believe that children should be able to play or dress in a manner of their choice – acknowledging that not everyone enjoys Lego!

In literacy, we have used a selection of dramatic techniques, including hot-seating to investigate character feelings in class novels and freeze-frame to capture a moment in time.  The children happily adopt the personas without thought to whether the character is male or female.  I have to add that children in Senior Classes may feel more self-conscience and less enthusiastic to participate.


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