Reply To: Module 5 – Climate Change

Siobhan Rooney

Climate change is affecting our local area in many ways. I live near the River Dodder and due to excess rainfall due to climate change, Dublin City Council is looking to clean the rainwater flow off the roads before it gets to the river. The project is called rainscapes. I also am also from an area where climate change has impacted my local community through increased flooding. I have seen first hand how devasting these floods can be to the local area. The children could become more involved in combatting climate change by exploring how we can keep our local Dodder River clean and become more environmentally friendly. With the green school committee, we have organised a local clean up of our own locality. The children get really involved in this and it helps to promote community spirit and environmental awareness.
Three ways we could make the world a better and slow down climate change:
We are lucky to have a small school garden. We could encourage greater biodiversity here by planting pollen friendly plants and flowers.
We could reduce, reuse and recycle more within our school community.
We can encourage less transportation to and from school. Children can be encouraged to walk/ cycle to school. We have done this in the past and it has been very effective in encouraging children to rethink how they travel to and from school each day.
In my own classroom, I teach 3<sup>rd</sup> class and we could easily focus on these three steps above and promote lessons on biodiversity in our local area. has some great ideas for promoting biodiversity in the classroom.

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