Reply To: Module 2 – Gender

Sean Finlay

As an educator who has just completed their first year teaching, I was surprised in both positive and negative ways about the role of gender stereotypes that existed in a senior class in a large, mixed, urban school. Children appear comfortable playing and talking with boys and girls but mixed-gender friendship groups were not the norm but also not uncommon. Both boys and girls played the same games on the yard and there was never any mention of one gender being better than the other at these games. However, there were stereotypes when it came to interests and hobbies as it was frowned upon when girls were interested in online gaming and related activities as it was perceived as almost abnormal and not suitable.

I think development education methodologies could certainly have a role in tackling these stereotypes as children could be made aware that ability and interests are not related to gender and what hobbies a child has is unique and individual to themselves.

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