Reply To: Module 2 – Gender

Linda Hennessy

This module was very thought provoking and has unearthed ideals that we hold as teachers without even knowing it. The most basic one that we are at fault with is getting the boys to do all the ‘strong work’ such as carrying and lifting on assembly days, grandparents days etc. we have made a conscious effort at removing this stigma. Over the last three years, I have introduced knitting for all in the classroom. I teach in a mixed school and the boys showed a lot of eye rolling at the start! However, some footage of the Olympic diver Tom Daley knitting at the side of the pool removed the stigma of it being ‘just for girls’ and we were off. We are lucky that our school teams are mostly mixed so the issue of gender based teams doesn’t arise here. We have encountered a lot of subject matter based on the human rights of girls throughout the ages this year and the girls in the class have really identified with how privileged they might be. The boys, on the other hand, were visibly shocked at some of the rights women have been denied through the ages. I would like to explore these ideas further next year using real life examples from our current world and debate on how we might contribute to improving the lives of others.

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