Reply To: Module 2 – Gender


.I teach 6th class and every Friday we do a table quiz in which the weekly scores are totted up and the winning team receives a prize at the end of each half term. it is an activity which the kids really enjoy as it is fun, competitive but also relaxed in nature. I found it very interesting to see the pupils reaction when I explained to them at the start of year how the teams would be made and refreshed each half term. I told them I would be using a group maker online and that whatever names the online application had randomly allocated to that a specific group, that would be that, no changes. When the group maker had done it work it was clear to the class that the teams were  extremely random – but in one way: the number of boys or girls per team did not matter. Even though each team has 6 members, some teams were all boys, some were  all girls, some had 5 boys 1 girl, some were 50/50 . When this was discussed further the class concluded themselves that it didn’t matter what gender made up the team. The quiz was based on general knowledge and therefore it only mattered if a certain individual, male or female, was well up on a particular subject. I found this to be a revelation for the class and it clearly stuck with them in similar situations for the rest of the year.

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