Reply To: Module 1 – Introduction to Development Education


As I was reading the article ‘The Role of Global Citizens in Today’s World’ some flashbacks of my own education became apparent. It reminded me of the lessons spent learning about the idea of ‘stewardship’ in CSPE in secondary school, which aimed to open our eyes as secondary students to our roles as human beings inhabiting this planet. It highlighted for me that I was not exposed to these types of discussions until second level. It was not touched on at primary level which was a shame as it is such an important aspect of young people’s lives nowadays in our ever changing and evolving society. It is important that we recognise and acknowledge these changes in our  teachings to promote equity and equality for all. We as teachers need to push forward the motion that a global citizen is one with a shared responsibility.

I believe I would aim to include development education activities in my teaching by highlighting current social issues in the classroom, at a child’s level. The issues would need to be carefully thought about and reflected before discussing them in class depending on their nature but with social media, I feel children are made aware of current affairs far more rapidly than years previous. I would aim to get pupils to discuss, debate and find resolutions to these issues which may occur in the locality, nationally or worldwide. In doing this as teachers we are opening our pupils’ eyes to the real world and encouraging them to make a difference.


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