Reply To: Module 1 – Introduction to Development Education

Susan McMahon

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article, The Role of Global Citizens in Today’s World. I feel that, as an educator, it is important to hold a mirror up to ourselves, our own preconceptions and behaviour, while engaging with the children on topics such as global citizenship. I liked the idea of connecting with our own history of colonial racism and mass immigration with current issues of the same. In my case, Development Education has a huge relevance as the majority of children in my school come from the Middle East and Africa. They bring a myriad of experiences with them to our school, and we already delight in tapping into these to bring a sense of global unity. I am excited to learn more on this course about the various global inequalities, and to get ideas on how to make the link with the children, between local and global issues. I work with children with Additional Educational Needs, and I think these topics can be explored during our small group and individual lessons, as a means of building social and communication skills.

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