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Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning Online

Computational thinking, sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. This is where the Microsoft Dream Space team come in. The Dream Space team will be facilitating this course live online, two-days (Virtual) face-to-face workshops via Microsoft Teams. The course will introduce you to the how the Dreamspace team develop computational thinking across all of their educational programs and their alignment to the Irish primary school curriculum.

The course will be run over 2 days face-to-face (Synchronous online) and 3 days (Asynchronous) and will equip teachers with the knowledge and skills to use and learn about a variety of tools.

The course is designed to promote the development of computational thinking and pupil-centered inquiry learning across the curriculum. Inquiry learning requires students to be actively involved in making observations, collecting and analyzing information, synthesizing information, and drawing conclusions. Teachers will be introduced to innovative ways to develop computational thinking skills. Teachers will have the opportunity to improve their understanding of STEM through the use of innovative digital learning tools and resources. 

Technical Requirements

All our courses require broadband Internet access and participants need to be familiar with using the internet, downloading and installing software.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to help teachers explore how they can use technology to create inquiry and project-based activities that can be used across the primary curriculum.

Participants will engage in hands-on activities using a range of digital tools and explore ways they can change their own practice to better support STEM learning.

Participants will understand how to apply the SSE guidelines and the Digital Learning Framework to their own teaching and understand how developing their own ICT practice can have an impact at school level.

Expected Outcomes

Participants will understand what is meant by STEM at primary level and be familiar with the STEM Policy Statement

Participants will learn how technology use can enhance opportunities to develop STEM (21st century) skills and assist in the creation challenging tasks that will motivate their students.

Course Duration

July 3-4 synchronous – 9.30 – 2.30 – Microsoft Teams
July 5 – August 18 asynchronous –
July 5-6 synchronous – 9.30 – 2.30 – Microsoft Teams
July 7 – August 18 asynchronous –
August 14-15 synchronous – 9.30 – 2.30 – Microsoft Teams
August 16-18 asynchronous –

This is a blended course, 2 Days synchronous online in Microsoft Teams and the remainder (Approx 12 hours) of the course online at Participants are required to attend the Teams face-to-face workshops and engage meaningfully with online content for approximately 12 hours. Whilst participation and engagement with the course content will be primarily judged on the quality of their contributions, an attendance roll will be kept and a log of their time spent working online.

Face-to-face Synchronous Teams Workshops July 3-4 / July 4-5 or August 14-15

09:30-09:45 – Daily Intro and WALT
09:45-11:00- Activity One
11:00-11:20- Break
11:20- 1:00 – Activity Two
1:00-1:40- Lunch
1:40- 2:30 – Activity Three

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