World Wonders Project

Google is releasing a new online project that will give users the ability to virtually explore historical sites around the world. The World Wonders Project​ is probably best described as a multimedia encyclopedia of 132 historic and notable sites across five continents. The project assembles Google Streetview imagery, Google Earth 3D buildings, UNESCO World Heritage …

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Brainstorming and mind mapping are very popular teaching strategies and methodologies that can be used across a variety of curricular areas. Many will use the blackboard/whiteboard for a mind mapping/brainstorming session but what about a digital alternative? Let me introduce you to Mindmeister. is an online mind-mapping application. Users can create simple or complex …

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280 Slides

280 Slides is a free online application that lets you create presentations quickly and easily right in the browser.With it, you can create a presentation, theme it, add graphics and video, and then present it, share it via SlideShare, or download it as a PowerPoint or PDF file. It’s so smooth to use that it’s …

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