Last call out to primary schools interested in participating in DCU Institute Of Education‘s new in-school coding initiative. The closing date for Expressions of  Interest is fast approaching so complete the form now and request a school visit from a 4th Year preservice teacher to help and organise an Hour of Code 2019 activity.

Students will be assigned to facilitate an Hour of Code in your school with a class group from 2nd to 6th class this month or in December . The student will arrange a time with the Principal and class teacher that is convenient to come into the school and work with the class for an hour. They will require access to a computer connected to a projector. If your school has laptops or tablets the pupils could use these too but they are not necessary as the Hour of Code can be facilitated with just a single computer with projection facilities.

For more information please see “Need a Hand with the Hour of Code?” or visit

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