Back again for 2019, The Bebras Computing Challenge will run from November 4th – 15th and applications are now open for this year’s event…

Bebras beaverBebras is an international online motivational challenge designed to get students all over the world excited about computing and computational thinking and is run in over 40 countries. Taking place in Ireland since 2012, the Bebras Challenge introduces computational thinking and computer science to students from 8-18 years by allowing them to solve interactive tasks online. These tasks consist of fun and engaging short questions that can be answered without prior knowledge of computational thinking, where students are required to think in and about information, discrete structures, computation, data processing, but they also must use algorithmic concepts. It teaches participants that computational thinking is an integral part of solving problems in daily life and aims to get students excited about computing.

The word Bebras is Lithuanian for ‘Beaver’ and as solving computational problems requires persistence, intelligence and hard work the challenge was named in their honour.  Bebras takes place in the same two weeks in November in 44 countries. You can schedule the challenge to take place during any school day between the 4th and 15th and The top achieving students across all age groups will be invited to attend a final round in Maynooth University during Tech Week 2020.

Why your Class should take up the Challenge?

  • Requires no prior knowledge.
  • Needs only a minimal time investment from teachers.                                     
  • Takes 45 min.
  • Runs for two weeks, so many classes can participate.
  • Provides certificates of achievement for all participants.
  • It is completed online in your own school.
  • There are 5 categories with different levels of difficulties.

How to get involved?

Teachers can simply register as coordinators online and follow the instructions. A school may have more than one coordinator allocated to it and you can try out sample challenges here.

The Bebras Challenge is organised in Ireland by the ICS Foundation and you can find out more at

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