With the end of the year fast approaching, I thought I’d use this post to conclude the walkthrough series on setting up Office 365 for Education (and for free!). That’s an email service for staff and students on their own school domain, 1TB of cloud storage per user, shared collaborative spaces (virtual staffroom/classrooms) cross-school and cross-platform, free gratis! The only possible stumbling block was setup and hence this trilogy of tutorials…In Part 1 we looked at signing up for Office 365, domain verification and configuration whilst in Part 2 we covered raising a Service Request for eligibility, acquiring licences, creating new users and assigning them licences. In this final part we’re going to look at a more time effective way to add new users and simplify assigning licenses. In earlier posts I mooted I would also be covering how we can use Office 365 groups to create bespoke online spaces (for staff and students) but considering how powerful (and customisable) these can be I think their set-up warrants a post in and of itself so keep an eye out early 2017…

Step 7: Adding Multiple Users

Log back into Office 365 @ https://login.microsoftonline.com/ using the admin credentials you configured back in part out and then choose the Admin tile from the Welcome screen. Next from the left choose Users > Active users and in the More drop-down, choose Import multiple users









On the Import multiple users panel, you get the option to download a sample CSV files, choose the one with headers and sample user information. Once this has downloaded open it in Excel and replace the existing data with the new user information (These can be copied and pasted from elsewhere) ensuring that you don’t change any of the existing column headings.

Not all fields are mandatory but the following are required user name (e.g. mjames@stozanam.org) and display name (e.g. Michael James) for each user. Once all the necessary data is in place save the spread sheet again

Now return to the Add multiple users window in the Admin Panel in your browser and choose Browse to browse to the CSV file location, then choose Verify. Click Next to continue

On the Set user options dialog you can set the sign-in status and choose the product license that will be assigned to all users. On the View your results window you can choose to send the results to either yourself or other users and you can see how many users were created. Choose Send and close to exit and return to the Admin panel.

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