Last month in my post The Best Things in Life Are Free!, I highlighted how both teachers and students can download and install the full Office Suite (For both tablet and PC) for free once their school/academic institution has a valid volume license for Office 365 or Office Professional. In fact, even in the absence of the said license they can still avail of all the online office apps and generous cloud-storage free. That’s a free email service for staff and students on their own school domain, 1TB of cloud storage per user, shared collaborative spaces (virtual staffroom/classrooms) cross-school and cross-platform, free gratis! There must be a “BUT”? There is a small “but” and that’s setup but as I outlined last time out, this isn’t as arduous a task as it might first appear and I outlined the basics of signing-up for Office 365, including domain setup and configuration. This time. we’re going to look at how claim Microsoft Qualified Academic Institution eligibility, create users and to finish acquire and assign Office 365 Education licenses…

Step 3: Login into Office 365

Log back into Office 365 @ using the admin credentials you configured first time out and then choose the Admin tile from the Welcome screen, you may be asked to add verification email and phone before proceeding, enter the relevant info and subsequent verification codes to continue. Last time we used the Add domain wizard to add and configure our school’s domain on Office 365 so now we need to claim Microsoft Qualified Academic Institution eligibility. The quickest way to do this is to raise a Service Request (SR) via the Support menu on the right.





To create a new SR, click on the + icon furthest left and on the following page, choose Billing and product info
Next in the Feature drop-down choose “Licenses” and then under symptom choose “Add or remove licenses“. To continue completethe Issue summary and Issue details fields,  explaining you are requesting that your school is accepted as a Microsoft Qualified Academic Institution and that the necessary txt record is in place for the school’s domain. Click Next to continue

To finalise the SR, complete the remaining 3 steps of the wizard with the required information, review the summary in Step four and then Submit Request and the following confirmation should appear, explaining response time varies but you should expect a response within 48 hours of submission. If you request is approved you should receive the email below….











Step 5: Acquiring Licenses: With Microsoft Qualified Academic Institution eligibility in the bag its time to acquire the necessary licenses for Staff (faculty) and Students. Back to the Admin panel and this time chose Purchase services from the Billing menu on the right. In the next window select Education Plans for a list of available (free & paid-for) services.

We’re sticking with the free options so choose Office 365 Education for faculty for staff and/or Office 365 Education for students and then Buy now. Select number of licenses you require (the default is unlimited), select Pay for a whole year and then Checkout, you’ll see a summary of your order next, select Next. Here you a prompted to enter payment details, select Invoice from the drop-down Payment method field, tick the T&Cs box and click Place order to complete.








Step 6: Adding Users (Manually)

To finish Part 2 , I’m going to walkthrough how to create new users and assign the recently acquired licenses to these accounts. Whilst this method is ideal when creating a few accounts, it far from ideal when there are multiple users to be created (we’ll look at bulk uploads in the next (and final) tutorial). From the Admin panel select Active users from the User menu on the right.


Here you’ll see a list of existing users (setup way back in Step 1). To add a user, choose Add a user from the active users page
In the Add new user window enter rte relevant info in the name fields, choose a User name and domain (there should be 2), leave the password as autogenerated and then assign either Education for faculty for staff or Office 365 Education for students license by clicking the relevant option and finally Add user. The following screen will list the new account details including temporary password. Tick (or untick) the send email to admin tick-box and finally Send email and close.

Coming in Part 3, the final installment! Creating new users in bulk, setting up collaborative Office 365 groups and virtual staffrooms..

As flagged in Part 1, check out the Office 365 YouTube channel @ for more tutorials….

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