Shaun's Game Academy logoAs a follow on from my post last month “To Code or Not to Code?” I’d like to share with readers a very interesting new Scratch programming competition just started over the water with the backing of Aardman Animations  publicised yesterday in the tech section of the Guardian’s  website – Aardman Animations aims to get kids coding with Shaun the Sheep contest. Bristol based Aardman are of course world renowned animators and the creators of Wallace and Gromit, Timmy Time and the aforementioned Shaun the Sheep. Their new Game Academy is designed to encourage children to learn to code, with a game-making contest based on the  Shaun the Sheep series, using Scratch, the free visual drag and drop programming tool designed specifically for education by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Whilst unsurprisingly the said competition is only open to UK based students the Game Academy’s website is open to all and should prove an extremely useful resource and stimulus to get students of all ages up and running with coding.


At you’ll find five comprehensive video based,  step-by-step modules teaching children how to use Scratch, designed and voiced by Aardman animators and all based around the iconic woolly star. In addition you’ll find resources for parents and teachers to help support the young coders so if your one of those teachers who’d love to start coding with your students and didn’t know where to start, it might be worth checking out what Shaun can do to help?

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